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When it comes to getting started or getting the most out of a product we know that there can often be a lot of questions along the way. This page gathers some of the frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, though, don't hesitate to contact our support department to get your questions answered. We'd love to talk to you!

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Launching The Installer

How do I launch the installer?

Launching the installer requires that you have a Java JDK installed on your machine that is at least at version 1.6 or above. When you have downloaded and installed the JDK on your machine, you'll be able to launch the installer directly by double-clicking on the installer jar file.

In Unix you will have to launch the installer from the command line:

	                  	java -jar zedinstall_unix.jar -target /usr/local/zed/

Registering The License Code

How do I register the license code?

Zed will prompt you when you log in to your system if the license code has not yet been registered. Simply paste the license token into the registration dialog box and fill out the other fields. Your Zed server will then make a connection to the Hericus central license server to authenticate the token and issue the license file. If there was an error during authentication, you will be notified as to the cause.

To register the license code after login you may use the Admin workspace within the application, and choose New->License Status from the menu. You will see a view that will allow you to enter the license token and registration information. Press save on the view and your Zed server will authenticate the token and issue the license file.

Defining A Build

How do I define a build?

Define your first build in the Builds workspace by using the New Build wizard. First, ensure that you have created a product and version that your build will refer to. Once you have done that, launch the New Build wizard and provide the initial details for your build. Give it a unique name and then finish the wizard to save your new build.

Watch the video on creating your first build, and also refer to the links to the right for further specialization of your build details.