Zed - System Requirements

Zed Builds and Bugs Manager incorporates a number of the latest cutting-edge technologies available for Web and server development. The goal in the design of Zed is to make our user's experiences as clean and simple as possible, while not sacrificing any power or capabilities that they may be used to from other tools that they use on a day to day basis.

Web User Interface

The Zed user will primarily only see the Web user interface of Zed, as 99% of the interaction with Zed happens here. In the past, a Web user interface has meant limited features and functionality, no advanced capabilities like drag-and-drop, context menu's, or any of the power features that users have come to expect from a full-featured application. With advancements like JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON we can move beyond the traditional limits of static HTML and incorporate some truly power-user features.

Supported Browsers

Web To Server Communication

In true AJAX fashion, our client-server (or Web server) communication is done using the asynchronous XMLHttpRequest Object provided by JavaScript. This allows us to populate portions of the screen as required without having to issue full-page reloads in the browser. This gives a much more dynamic feeling to the application and keeps the bandwidth requirements to a minimum.

In some communications between the Web application and the server, we utilize XML as our transport encoding. However, most of our transport is using the much lighter JSON encoding that allows us to directly represent our objects as the data that they encapsulate, allowing the JavaScript engine in the browser to convert the transport encoding directly to JavaScript objects that can be rendered in the browser GUI.

Server Requirements

Zed Builds and Bugs Manager server is 100% Java and will run on any 1.6 JVM that is available for your platform. We recommend the Sun JVM for all of its supported platforms to run Zed.

Hardware Requirements
  • Minimum of 500M disk space for initial install and initial growth of the server database. (Disk size will vary depending on the amount of data stored in your Task and Build configurations.)
  • Minimum of 500M RAM available to the Zed Server