Task And Bug Tracking Keep Everyone Focused

Task tracking can include tracking bugs, enhancements, FAQ's, external dependencies, To-Do lists, or action items. With such a wide variety of tasks, they can overwhelm any good team. If done right, though, with the right tools task tracking can become your way to cut through the clutter and focus on what is important.

  • Save time by organizing your tasks by product, release and component
  • Track bugs, track tasks, track issues with the flexibility to customize your workflow for each
  • Be more productive by concentrating on what needs to be worked on now, but still able to see the whole picture when required

Easy Task Entry

Enter your task information directly, and the system will remember your settings, commonly used values, and make multiple task entries much faster.
  1. Save time - 3 Clicks to create a new Bug!
  2. Enter your Task information via e-mail, and Zed does everything automatically for you
  3. Add multiple assignments to track shared work

Your Own Workflow

Use our Task Rules Engine to setup the workflow that matches how you do business. Define follow-up activities for every way that a task can be modified. Send out e-mail alerts, automatically update statuses or add assignments based on your rules and workflow.
  1. Organize your team and ensure that everyone is notified when work is ready to be done.
  2. Continuously integrate your task and build workflow by launching builds when task assignments are completed
  3. Simplify by creating only the workflow that is required

Powerful Queries

Search for tasks and find what you are looking for easily and quickly.
  1. Don't loose information any more, queries help you to keep on top of all of your activity
  2. Integrate your tasks with your wiki by displaying task query results within your wiki pages
  3. Automatically share your queries so that everyone can find the information required